Canadian Proofreading

Price per word or price per hour?

Many editors charge by the hour. We've set our prices by the word for two reasons. First, our clients deserve to know the bottom line before they place their order. You have a deadline and you can't afford to waste time with back-and-forth emails estimating how long the editing will take. With, you just enter the length into the order form and see what the price is. Second, charging by the word means we have to work hard for you. For thesis-length documents, we prefer to do a sample edit. If it looks to us like your writing is good and we will be able to work quickly, your approval code will include a discount that will be calculated when you place your order.

Our prices are in Canadian dollars. Get an instant proofreading price estimate.

Academic Editing of Shorter to Long Essays provides quality affordable proofreading services to students and writers in Canada. We fix grammar errors, as well as make sure your document uses correct English. Our essay editing and business document services go beyond proofreading to revising sentences to best express your ideas, as well as ensuring smooth transitions, and checking reference usage where requested. Submit your document through the convenient online forms and I will return a polished final copy within 12 or 24 hours. We use MicroSoft Word’s “Track Changes” function so you can review each change that I’ve made, and see how you can improve your writing for next time. Not sure? First time clients can request a 300 word sample edit before paying. Order essay editing.

Proofreading of All Types of Documents

Our prices can’t be beaten! Pay online in Canadian dollars. Our lowest priced proofreading is only 2 cents per word for up to 5000 words with 24 hour return. Longer documents require 1 day per 6000 words. You can submit any type of document for basic proofreading (sorry, not poetry). This is the service for confident writers who want an expert set of eyes to review their writing and eliminate any errors. The minimum price for basic proofreading is only $20. A 300 word sample edit is available on request. Order basic proofreading.

Our essay editing service is only 2.5 cents per word. This is the service to choose for academic documents such as term papers, and essays for Canadian universities, because the service not only includes editing and proofreading for grammar and sense, but also revisions for transitions, and reference style, such as APA or MLA. We also know Chicago and additional reference styles. If you have a specific style requirement, let me know and we will research the requirements at no extra charge to you. We don’t charge extra for English as a second language writers; We are here to help you learn. Choose this service for very short academic documents, because the minimum price is only $10. Order essay editing.

2.5 cents per word essay editing