2.5 cents per word Essay Editing Service

Essay Editing Service

Peter J. Francis, BA, BEd.

Professional Essay Editing. When you send your document to iProof.ca, I deal with it personally. Don't trust your essay to some large editing mill! I take pride in polishing documents to bring out the best ideas and facilitate communication. I edit term papers, essays, reports, and other academic documents for Canadian universities and post-secondary institutions worldwide starting at 2.5 cents per word. I have 15 years of teaching experience and 40 years of writing and editing experience to ensure the highest quality essay editing for you.

All documents are returned with Track Changes showing every edit, so you can learn from my edits and improve your writing. On request, I will also return a copy with all changes accepted, ready to be handed in. I will also provide you with an analysis of your writing and suggestions for improvement on request.

My basic proofreading service  at 2 cents per word is appropriate for confident writers who only need an expert's review to polish and fix minor errors. My essay editing service  at 2.5 cents per word is suitable for all writers, including people who use English as a second language, who want their writing improved as much as possible. Essay editing is more than proofreading; it includes editing and proofreading for grammar and sense, transitions, and reference style. I revise sentences to make them flow with natural academic English. I tighten up the writing to remove redundancies and ensure correct academic referencing. With a minimum price of only $10, this service is ideal for correcting short reports, reviews, and reflections. Order essay editing

My basic proofreading service includes the following:

Proofreading for typographical errors

I fix typographical errors that can happen to anyone, including missing letters or punctuation. A human proofreader can spot errors that an automated grammar checker might miss.

typographical error

I fix punctuation errors, including missing or misplaced commas, misplaced periods, semicolon errors, and colon errors.

Fix wording

I identify misused words and replace them with the correct words.

wrong word

I revise wording to improve flow and make your ideas stand out clearly.

Wordiness example

Essay editing includes the above and editing for academic style

Fix references

I ensure that your in-text references are correctly formatted based on the style you identify, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and others.

typographical errors fixed

Business Documents Editing

Business Editing

My business document editing service at 3 cents per word is suitable for non-academic documents that you want polished to the highest standards, including business reports, blog posts, resumes and cover letters, or personal documents. These documents may or may not have a specific reference style: you can designate one if you need to. Like the academic editing service, this service charges a minimum of only $10, so it is appropriate for any short document that you want to reflect your high standards. Order Business Editing.

Thesis and Dissertation Editing

Thesis editing

I edit dissertations on academic subjects and topics from social sciences to physical sciences. Thesis submissions can be at either the master or Ph.D. level. I'm able to accept documents created in LaTexT as well as MS Word. The first 5000 words are only $150, and additional words are 2 cents per word. I will include a certificate of editing on request. On request, I supply a 1000 word sample edit. More Details About Thesis Editing.

Academic Journal Editing

Let me edit your scholarly article before submission to an academic journal in order to improve the wording, flow, grammar and syntax to the highest academic standards. In addition, I will ensure your submission meets the style requirements of the journal, researching these requirements on your behalf as long as you identify the journal to which you plan to submit. Minimize the possibility of rejection by submitting a properly formatted, well-written scholarly article. More Details About Academic Journal Editing.