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Canadian Proofreading Services offers Canadian proofreading services for individuals and businesses. For as little as $10 your essay, thesis, dissertation, personal statement, business document, or personal letter can be corrected and returned within 24 hours. 2021 Canadian Proofreading Rates

Confused about writing an APA essay? Here are basic tips for writing an APA essay.

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Essay EditingEssay Editing For academic documents of all lengths. Up to 5000 words returned in 24 hours. Choose 12 hour service for up to 2500 words. 10% discount for 48 hour service. All grammar, punctuation, syntax, and ESL errors corrected. Documents edited for reference style (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). Undergraduate or graduate essays. 300 word sample edit available.

2.5 cents per word-undergraduate

2.75 cents per word-graduate

Minimum $10.00

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Thesis EditingThesis Editing Longer academic documents up to PhD level. All grammar, punctuation, wording, syntax, and ESL errors corrected. Includes correcting reference style. 1000 word sample edit available.

2.75 cents per word for first 5000 words, 2 cents per word for additional words. Additional discount may be applied based on sample edit.

Minimum return time: 48 hours.

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Business EditingBusiness Editing Business documents including letters, reports, product documentation, and marketing materials corrected for grammar, punctuation, style, syntax and wording.

3 cents per word; minimum $10; 12 or 24-hour return.

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Basic ProofreadingBasic Proofreading Personal, academic, and business documents corrected for grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, and wording only. When you need an expert to go over your document.

2 cents per word; minimum $20; 24-hour return.

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We offer a special price of $4 per slide for proofreading PowerPoint slides, including attached notes, so your presentations can be absolutely perfect. Order PowerPoint Editing.

Academic Journal Editing Academic journal articles corrected for grammar, wording, syntax, ESL errors, and reference style. Priced same as Thesis Editing.

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Not sure which service to choose? Use our proofreading price estimator to see how the same document length would be charged for the different services we offer. Our prices are in Canadian dollars. Get Proofreading Price Estimate.

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Canadian Proofreading

While Canadian English is officially the same as British English, in fact, in Canada we use a bit of both systems. For example, our punctuation is consistently American (period goes inside quotation marks), but our spelling is a bit of both. Many of our university professors are American-educated, and their influence is deep within our post-secondary system. For example, my Bachelor of Arts degree is “Honors,” not “Honours,” but psychologists call themselves "counsellors," not "counselors" as in the U.S. (However the BC Psychological Association uses both spellings on its website!) Proofreading and editing Canadian essays requires that special touch that only can offer. Don’t trust your important document to a large American editing mill; have a Canadian-educated, Canadian-based editor proofread it in Canada.

You can also request U.S. or U.K. English usage, if required.

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iProof Canadian Proofreading is located in Gibsons, BC. I monitor all email and orders from 6 am to 8 pm, seven days per week, and orders can be placed online 24/7. Telephone and text contact can be made at 604-763-4679 during the same hours; however, leave a message if I can’t answer the phone at the time you call. The best way to contact me is by using my contact form.

Mailing Address:

Peter J. Francis

(dba) Proofreading Services

875 Marine Drive, Gibsons, BC, V0N 1V1


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