iProof 2022 Canadian Proofreading Rates

Affordable Canadian Proofreading Rates

Our Canadian proofreading rates are set with students in mind. We edit academic essays and business documents. Starting from only $10, we strive to provide the best quality editing available for Canadian individuals and businesses. At 2.5 cents per word for undergraduate essays, we charge $25 per 1000 words for undergraduate academic editing, $27.50 per 1000 words for graduate academic editing and $20 per 1000 words for basic proofreading. Thesis editing is $20 per 1000 words after the first 6000 words, which are charged at our regular graduate level rate: $27.50 per 1000 words x 6 = $165. Sounds complicated? Not really. It's fast and easy. Choose essay editing (less than 6000 words), thesis editing (over 6000 words), or basic proofreading (any length, if you don't need a lot of sentence revision). Then just go to the order form.

1. Enter the length of your essay or other document (in words).

2. See the price.

3. Enter your details and click the "Place order button".

4. You will go to the page where you can upload the document and make a payment.

5. Your edited document will be returned by email before your deadline.

We also offer our basic proofreading service for all kinds of non-fiction documents, and business editing services for important documents that must be just right. Our proofreading rates are set by the word so you know the total cost before you place your order. New clients can request a proofreading sample before they pay. Get instant estimate now with 10% discount

New! APA citation guide

Confused about APA style? Check out our guide to writing and formatting essays for APA style.

Canadian Thesis Proofreading

Our thesis proofreading rate is set at 2.75 cents per word for the first 6000 words and 2 cents per word for additional words. But the work needed to edit a thesis can vary greatly depending on the subject area and quality of the writing. So, if you request a sample thesis edit, and we find that your can be completed faster than average, we will offer a discount on the set thesis proofreading rate. The standard return time is 1 day per 8000 words, but we can often complete the work somewhat faster. Just ask. You can request at no charge a certificate of editing that documents changes are merely grammatical and stylistic, guaranteeing the academic integrity of your work.

2022 iProof.ca Canada Proofreading Rates
Service Price  
Basic Proofreading
  • Correct all grammar, punctuation, and word use
  • Ensure all sentences make sense
  • 24 hour return
  • $20 per 1000 words
2 cents per word Order Now
Essay Editing - Undergrad
  • Proofreading, plus:
  • Revise sentences to improve flow
  • Make all possible improvements to content
  • Correct APA or other reference style
  • Correct reference list
  • Reduce length, if requested
  • $25 per 1000 words
2.5 cents per word Order Now
Essay Editing - Graduate
  • As undergrad, but at a higher academic level
  • $27.50 per 1000 words
2.75 cents per word Order Now
Thesis Editing
  • Graduate-level editing, with discount for length
2.75 cents per word for first 6000 words
2 cents per additional word
Request Estimate
Business Documents
  • Business reports
  • Letters
  • Resumes
  • Important personal documents
  • $30 per 1000 words
3 cents per word Order Now
PowerPoint Editing Prices vary depending on complexity of slides
minimum $25
Order Now

Why Canadian Proofreading?

Our proofreading rates are priced in Canadian dollars. Today the Canadian dollar stands around 80 cents to the American dollar. You would be paying a 20% premium to use a proofreading service that charges in American dollars. Save your money, and keep your dollars in Canada. For more details on our proofreading service, click here. --

Basic Proofreading Rates

2 cents per word ($25 minimum). This includes proofreading for spelling errors, misused words, clarity, and logic. Choose basic proofreading if you know the basic rules, but you want an expert grammarian to go over your document to ensure it’s written to the highest standards and to catch your errors. We make the minimum changes necessary to ensure a grammatically correct and readable document. Basic proofreading is suitable for all types of documents that don’t have a lot of errors, and few sentences that need substantial revision. Order Basic Proofreading Now

Essay Editing Rates

2.5 cents per word (undergrad); 2.75 cents per word (graduate) ($10 minimum). Our essay editing service is the highest level of academic editing we offer. In addition to fixing grammar, spelling, usage and logic, this service includes revising and re-writing sentences to improve sense, logic and flow. People for whom English is their second language often find that this is the best service for them, as we are able to revise grammatically correct sentences into language that is more like natural English. Many students find this is a great service, because we ensure the writing is of a post-secondary academic standard. We will review your references to ensure you have used the correct format, whether it is APA, MLA or another reference style. This level of editing is much more than proofreading, since it requires us to use our best efforts to untangle mangled sentences to help you express your academic understanding and polish your document to the highest academic standards. However, we don’t add content, so the ideas expressed in the paper remain yours alone. Get instant estimate now with 10% discount

Business Document Editing

Our business service is suitable for all non-academic documents, including business reports, blog posts, and personal documents when you want them polished to the highest standards. At only 3 cents per word we use our business writing experience to ensure the professionalism you wish to demonstrate through your documents. Think of it as a fine suit to wear to a job interview. Get instant estimate now with 10% discount

PowerPoint Editing

PowerPoint slides can vary from very complex with notes to only a few words per page. Thus, it's not possible to provide a fair price for all slides. The minimum charge is $25. I will send an estimate for additional charges above $25; if you find the estimate too high, you can cancel and receive a full refund. The proofreading price includes all attached notes unless you specify otherwise. We will document all changes that we make on a separate MS Word document. Order PowerPoint Editing

Thesis Editing

We offer a special price for thesis editing. The first 6000 words are priced at 2.75 cents per word ($165.00) and the remainder of the document is priced at 2 cents per word. This is still our highest level of academic editing (see Essay Editing above); however, due to the length of a thesis, the price is reduced. We offer a quick return time of 24 hours per 8000 words with a minimum return time of 48 hours. We can offer a certificate of editing for no extra charge on request. Request a sample thesis edit

Editing Extras

All documents are returned with Track Changes showing so you can see what we have done and learn to improve your writing. But some people have difficulty with some of the MS Word menu items. So we can also return a clean copy with all changes accepted and Track Changes turned off. For the essay editing service, we can add a running head and a cover page in the correct style. And if you would like a comment on how to improve your writing, that option is available as well. Most services have an option to reduce the length of the essay. Because reducing the length of an essay can be time-consuming, the price varies. To reduce the essay by less than 10% is free. But the more you need to edit out, the more difficult the work is, so the price escalates. The prices of all extras are clearly marked on the order forms, and you can easily change your mind before placing th order.

Editing and Plagiarism

It’s not plagiarism to have someone help you with your writing; plagiarism is when you use someone else’s work without attribution. Plagiarism is also when you pass someone else's work off as your own, such as when you buy an essay or hire someone to write an essay for you. On the other hand, sometimes editing can help you avoid unwarranted accusations of plagiarism because an editor can fix your references to avoid flagging for plagiarism by a computer review system. An editor can point out where ideas should be referenced. I've provided editing services for PhD candidates and graduates, university professors and college teachers. Almost all professional work is edited before publication. The job of the editor is not to add ideas or content; the job of the editor is to ensure that your ideas are expressed in the best way possible. I use the “Track Changes” function in M.S. Word to document all edits. That way you can review the changes and see how to improve your writing.

APA Essay Editing

APA referencing is required for most social science university essay writing. But it's not usually taught as part of the curriculum. Many students panic about using APA style. Don't worry! We have access to the APA style guide to ensure that your essay is properly formatted according to APA guidelines. We also format according to MLA and other reference styles. You can choose the appropriate style when you place your order. Confused about APA essay writing? Here's a guide to how to write an APA essay.