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    Canadian universities use a mixture of British and American spellings and styles. Why trust your hard work to some American editing mill? You are an important and unique client to iProof.

    Personal Attention is not a big business. I love words and I love learning, so I offer this service to assist others to achieve academic goals. I give every thesis my personal attention. Occasionally, I have someone help me, but I consider that every document I work on reflects on my personal reputation. I have helped numerous students complete academic documents from general essays to doctoral dissertations. Request an estimate.

    How long does thesis editing take?

    My standard time is 6000 words per 24 hours. That's not to say I can't sometimes work faster, but a faster turnaround time depends on what other obligations I have, as well as seeing a sample of your writing. Use the estimate request form, and I will give you:

    To order immediately without pre-approval, you will pay 10% over the standard rate. Also, there is a chance I will return your thesis and fee, if your thesis is not ready for final editing, or I am too busy right now. Otherwise, your completed thesis will be returned in just a few days. The guaranteed return time is calculated right on your order form before you pay. Order Thesis Editing Now

    Thesis Editing Details

    Reference Page

    If you include the reference page in the word count of the thesis, then I will ensure that all the reference entries are formatted correctly as part of the quoted price. If you are confident that the references are correct, you can leave the references off the word count, and I won't touch the reference page. For the first group, I assume you know enough about your academic style that most entries are mostly correct. I'll request that you pay a surcharge if your reference list looks like you haven't even tried. If you only want me to fix your reference list, then I will charge an hourly rate of $50 per hour.

    LaTexT Editing

    I can edit documents created in LaTexT. You will need to estimate the word count exclusive of all formulas. Obviously, I can't edit or proofread any formulas or code. I will fix grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as above. I use OverLeaf, so if you have a paid account, you can share your document with me and see the Track Changes. Otherwise, I cannot provide Track Changes for LaTexT documents.

    Thesis Editing Price

    My thesis editing price is similar to my advanced editing price, except you get a discount for the large order. The first 5000 words are priced at 2.75 cents per word ($137.50) and additional words are priced at 2 cents per word. The minimum price for a thesis is $150. I have completed thesis projects as short as 6000 words and as long as 75,000 words. No project is too big or too small. Thesis editing includes all copyediting related to style, logic, syntax and wording. I can ensure your references are correctly formatted and your words make sense. Unlike many other services, I do not charge extra if you use English as a second language. Request a 1000 word sample edit when you order my thesis proofreading service so you can check out our work before you pay. Order Thesis Editing For clients who wish to pay in US dollars, visit

    Basic Proofreading Price

    If you are a confident writer who has a good grasp of grammar, you may not need copyediting for your thesis or dissertation. Why pay more? My basic proofreading service is applicable to all types of documents, including advanced academic writing. If all you want is to have an expert grammarian review your document and fix occasional typographical and grammar errors (or even the wrong word here or there), but your writing is clear and understandable and you don't make big syntax errors or need transitions and references reviewed, then order our basic proofreading service at 2 cents per word. Order Basic Proofreading

    Academic Journal Editing

    I offer an editing service for submissions to academic journals. The price for Academic Journal Editing is the same as thesis editing, but the form asks for different information so I can properly format and edit your academic journal article based on the style of the journal you are submitting to.

    My Thesis Editing Experience

    Thesis Projects Completed
    Type Subject Topic
    Master's Thesis Accounting Global Entrepreneurship
    Master's Thesis Anthropology Age Estimation
    Master's Thesis Applied Science Water Quality
    Master's Thesis Biology Gut Microbiota Assays
    Master's Thesis Biochemistry Herbal Biomolecules
    Doctoral Dissertation Business Institutional Logic
    Doctoral Dissertation Business Consumer Behavior
    Doctoral Dissertation Business Drone Delivery Strategies
    Master's Thesis Business Corporate Culture
    Master's Thesis Business Gender Differences in Shopping
    Master's Thesis Business Money Laundering
    Master's Thesis Business Social Media Marketing
    Master's Thesis Business Social Networking in Japan
    Master's Thesis Business Petroleum Industry Analysis
    Master's Thesis Business Global Supply Chain Management
    Master's Thesis Communications Social Media
    Master's Thesis Communications Indigenous Voices
    Doctoral Dissertation Economics Corporate Governance
    Master's Thesis Economics Banking
    Master's Thesis Economics Banking Governance
    Doctoral Dissertation Education Supporting Students with Health Issues
    Doctoral Dissertation Education Prison Education
    Doctoral Dissertation Education Principal Evaluation
    Master's Thesis Education Teacher Efficacy
    Master's Thesis Education Brain Development
    Master's Thesis Education Second Language Acquisition
    Doctoral Dissertation Education Teaching English as a Second Language
    Doctoral Dissertation Education Transliteracy in Elementary Classrooms
    Master's Thesis Education Teacher Collaboration
    Master's Thesis Education Special Education
    Master's Thesis Engineering Pipeline Inspection Robot
    Doctoral Dissertation Engineering Career Advancement for Engineers
    Doctoral Disseertation Engineering Microwave Photonics
    Doctoral Dissertation Engineering Project Management
    Master's Thesis Education Learning Disabilities
    Master's Thesis English Magical Realism
    Master's Thesis Geography Emotional Geography
    Doctoral Dissertation Law International Arbritration
    Doctoral Dissertation Law International Tax Treaties
    Doctoral Dissertation Leadership Multicultural Leadership
    Doctoral Dissertation Leadership Presidential Moral Leadership
    Doctoral Dissertation Marine Biology Coral Reefs
    Master's Thesis Military History Political Theory
    Doctoral Dissertation Nursing (DNP) Diabetes Intervention
    Doctoral Dissertation Nursing (DNP) Blood Pressure Intervention
    Master's Thesis Peace Studies Japanese Anti-Nuclear Movement
    Doctoral Dissertation Political Science Regional Influence in National Politics
    Doctoral Dissertation Political Science Azzad Jammu and Kashmir Governance
    Master's Thesis Physiology Bone Maintenance
    Master's Thesis Psychology Sleep Deprivation
    Doctoral Dissertation Psychology Gay Athletes
    Master's Thesis Publishing Digital Publishing
    Master's Thesis Structural Engineering Acoustics

    Certificate of Editing

    Some schools require you to provide a certificate of editing when you have your thesis edited. When you order my thesis editing service, simply check the box at the time of order and I will include a certificate when I return the completed document. The certificate will confirm that the only thing I did was work on your grammar and wording and that the content is still 100% your original work. Order Thesis Editing

    Editing and Plagiarism

    I follow the Canadian Editors' Association ethical guidelines for thesis and dissertation editing. It’s not plagiarism to have someone help you with your writing; plagiarism is when you use someone else’s work without attribution. Plagiarism is also when you pass someone else's work off as your own, such as when you buy an essay or hire someone to write an essay for you. On the other hand, sometimes editing can help you avoid unwarranted accusations of plagiarism because an editor can fix your references to avoid flagging for plagiarism by a computer review system. An editor can point out where ideas should be referenced. I've provided editing services for PhD candidates and graduates, university professors and college teachers. Almost all professional work is edited before publication. The job of the editor is not to add ideas or content; the job of the editor is to ensure that your ideas are expressed in the best way possible. I use the “Track Changes” function in M.S. Word to document all edits. That way you can review the changes and see how to improve your writing.