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PowerPoint Editing Order Form

This form constitutes our contract for service; please read all sections carefully.

PART 1: Service Details

PowerPoint Service

The time needed to proofread slides can vary greatly depending on whether the slides are complex and include notes. Thus, a fixed rate is not fair to all clients. Therefore, PowerPoint slide editing is now billed on an hourly basis at $50 per hour. The minimum charge is $25. After you upload your slides, I will send an invoice for the estimated time over and above the first 30 minutes. We will edit and proofread all slides and notes, and return a document with the presentation showing all changes we have made.

PART 2: Project Details

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Your deadline is based on your time of submission. Minimum Price: $CAD. An invoice will be sent for final charges based on return time, number of slides, and amount of notes.

PART 3: Your Details

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Instead of uploading a file, I will send a link to a Google Drive or DropBox document with permission to edit.
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Files must be in .doc, .docx, .ppt, or .pptx format only.

Credit card payments are processed through Stripe or PayPal, or you can request an invoice and then make a payment via email bank transfer or PayPal. Invoices are sent manually, so there may be some delay.