Frequently Asked Questions

If you get a security warning when you place an order, use the Alternative Order Form. It's less convenient, but avoids transferring you to our payment processing site. The warning is generated because Chrome suspects fraud when you go to another site with a similar name: in this case it's But it's legit, and it is acutally safer than putting your credit card number on the order for us to process directly.

Are you available to edit my document today?

Yes. Paid services are offered 365 days per year. Unless you see a disclaimer on the upload form, I am prepared to receive your essay and return it by your deadline with a 12 hour or 24 hour deadline. I will receive a notification automatically on my cell phone as soon as an order has been placed, and I will acknowledge receipt as soon as I can.

If your deadline is less than 12 hours from now, then use the contact form to ask this question. If I am available for a faster turnaround, then I will answer right away. I will also answer as soon as I can if I'm not able to meet your request. However, if I'm asleep or otherwise unable to access my email, obviously I won't be able to answer or do the work. If you don't hear from me within a short period of time, then assume the answer is "no."

If your deadline is between 20 and 24 hours, go ahead and order 24 hour service, but let me know of the shortened deadline in the comments field.

When will my document be ready?

Your return time is guaranteed: 24 or 12 hours. I fit editing into the time available, so I might be long before your deadline, or I might be very close to your deadline. My personal goal is to edit between 1500 and 2500 words per hour, but in reality, I get distracted a lot so I probably average betwee 1000 and 2000 words in an hour. You pay by the word, so you don't pay for any interruptions to my attention span. My guarantee is that you will receive your document back by your deadline, which is 48, 24 or 12 hours, based on the time of submission and your request. So if you submit a document at 11 p.m., I might edit it at 6 a.m., or I might not have a chance to edit it until 9 p.m. It all depends on my other commitments that day. If you are counting on a slightly faster turnaround than the stated time, please indicate in the comments field. For example, if you are submitting at 9 p.m. and you need to hand in an essay at 7 p.m. the following evening, that's 22 hours, so just let me know in the comments field. Don't just expect that it will be back in time. But if you need it for a 10 a.m. class, then I really need to make it a priority in the morning, so you should choose 12 hour service.

What happened to same day service?

I'm still aiming for same day service for documents ordered before 5 pm Pacific Time; however, since my clients are around the world, sometimes editing is ordered and the client misunderstands what "same day" means to me. As a result, I'm moving toward fixed time responses. I'll probably complete most jobs the same day they come in, but to be sure, provide the information for your real deadline in the comments field on the order form, or choose 12 hour service. Sometimes I'm really busy and I might decide I can do a better job tomorrow, or my schedule for tomorrow simply seems clear, so let me know if you need it

How fast can you edit my thesis?

I can't answer this question without two pieces of information. One: how long your thesis is, and two: a sample of your writing. I've edited a 60,000 word thesis in four days, but sometimes it takes two days to edit an 8,000 word thesis. It depends on the topic, and the quality of the writing. In general, my rule of thumb is 8000 words per day. This allows me some flexibility to take care of the shorter requests at the same time, and I don't get over tired. I can't edit well when I'm too tired.

Do I need basic proofreading or advanced editing?

Advanced editing is the only service that includes editing for length, or 12 hour return. Advanced editing is cheaper for documents of 600 words or less (and only $2.50 more expensive for documents between 600 and 1000 words). Advanced editing is the only service that includes checking reference style. Choose advanced editing if you have been getting very low grades, or if your professor has told you to get help with your writing. But, if you are a new client (which you must be if you are having this dilemma) then I want you to become a regular client. Usually, I just provide the service and if I think you should be using the more expensive service because there is a lot of work to do on your document, I will ask you to choose the more expensive service the next time. As long as your document is not too long (let's say under 1500 words), I'm willing to take a chance and provide the editing service at the basic proofreading price. If you send a 4000 word document and the writing needs a lot of work, then I might contact you to let you know I can't do it for the basic proofreading price because you are asking me to do several hours of extra work. If you disagree, then I'll refund your fee.

Does the price include references?

For essay editing and thesis editing, the price includes references as long as you include the references in the word count. If you do not include references in the word count, then I am finished editing when I get to the end of the length you have paid for. If you choose basic proofreading, do not include the word count for the references, but you can opt for an additional fee to include the references. The fee varies with the length. If the reference section is long, I will charge you separately after I look at it.

The form is not calculating my fee. What can I do?

My low prices are because I don't hire programmers or a web designer, and I created all the pages and did the javascript programming myself. But I have a degree in English, not computer science. Although I have tried many ways to test the pages, sometimes the javascript is not working properly. If your page does not show the correct price, you will need to request an invoice after you upload your essay. I will calculate the price and send an invoice. As always, if you don't like the invoice, you have the option to decline service with no charge. Your deadline remains based on the time of upload.

What if I enter the wrong number of words?

The form and requested payment are based on your input. Unlike some services, which calculate your fee based on the actual number of words in your document, my calculation is based on your input. This way, you can include instructions in the document, or specifically ask me to exclude parts of the document when I edit. When I do the actual edit, I will notice discrepancies of payment amounts. Errors in your favour of over $5 will be refunded. If you have paid too little, I may send an invoice for the additional amount at my discretion. In addition, a service fee of $5.00 may be added to the invoice to account for my time to issue the invoice.

Can you edit a Google Docs document?

Yes, after you place your order, you need to send me the link. You must ensure that you are granting me permission to edit. In Google Drive, under the "File" menu, select "Share..." At the bottom, enter the email address:editing(at)(this website) in the field. Make sure the blue item beside it says "Can edit"; if it says "Can comment" or "Can view" you need to click on the blue item and change it to "Can edit." I will contact you if you don't send me the link, or if the link does not allow me to edit, but I may have difficulty meeting your deadline if there is any delay in my ability to access the document.

You can also send me a DropBox link for a document. If you are ordering by cellphone, you may be unable to upload a document. You can send a link, or you can send the document a little later (but not too much or I might not be able to meet your deadline!)

What is your guarantee?

The bottom line is that if you are not happy with the work for any reason, I will return your fee. I want you as a return customer, and I want you to recommend my service to your friends, so I will do what I can to ensure you are happy with the service. I will carefully proofread your document and fix all sentences to bring the document to the level of a university essay in terms of grammar, sense and format.

However, I do not guarantee that you will receive any grade or outcome as a result of my editing. The most important part of your grade is related to how well you met the expectations of the assignment. Your understanding of the material, your research skills, and your critical thinking are key elements of your grade. If you have not read and understood the material you are writing about, I can't fix that with editing. What I do is read your essay carefully and ensure that your essay reflects your thinking and ideas in the best way possible, and using the correct style of writing for university essays. I do not guarantee that I will catch 100% of all grammatical errors. In fact, there are a lot of ambigous grammar rules that some professors follow and others don't. However, I do guarantee that I will carefully proofread and edit your document to university standards.

Why do you place cookies on my computer?

We give you the option to accept a cookie recording the date, your email address, and your name when you make a request for services. This cookie will expire in 365 days. This helps speed up the process the next time you come to the site, because some elements on the order form will be entered automatically. We do not acquire any information from you as a result of the cookie.

When you use the form, the email is formatted with a specific subject line that my computer recognizes and flags as important. Moreover, the email is sent to two different addresses to ensure that it doesn't get lost. Finally, a todo is automatically created in my todo list, so I won't overlook your important document. Second, you will see a message at the top of each order page letting you know if I'm unavailable for any reason, or warning you of upcoming vacations. If you just send an email, it can get lost or overlooked. I need to take time to send an invoice. You'd have to wait for me to reply. Instead, you can send the form, upload the document, make the payment and within 24 hours, you will have your edited document.