Editing and Proofreading Calendar

Please note: I'm generally teaching during the day, so I'll acknowledge orders as soon as I can, but I won't start until after school. I fit your editing into my schedule, so I might do it right away or just before the deadline, depending on my needs. If you place an order overnight, I might complete it in the early morning if it's a 12-hour rush, otherwise, I'll schedule it for the evening. If I'm planning a vacation, then I will note those days as vacation.

Assigned times are approximate, based on my guess at how long the editing might take. Editing might take place at any other time, or even over more than one session. The purpose of showing my workload is for clients to gain a sense of how busy I am right now, before you place your order, and for you to plan for upcoming unavailability. Things can change quickly, so if I am overwhelmed with work, I may take the order forms offline without notice. If the order form is offline and I'm not on vacation, you can still use the contact form.