Contact Form

Please note: if you phone me, you will need to leave a voice message. I get too many spam calls to pick up for unknown callers. Use the form for questions.

If you got a security warning when you tried to place an order: You are probably using Chrome. The warning comes when you are tranferred to another site to process the form and make payment (even if you are just requesting an invoice). The warning is generated when you are transferred to a website with a similar name: in this case it's iproof-ca.cgi-data.com. But it's legit, and it is acutally safer than putting your credit card number on the order for us to process directly. You can ignore the warning. If you are not comfortable ignoring the warning (and I don't blame you), use this alternative form where you can't upload your document, and you have to wait for me to send an invoice: Alternative Order Form.

If I'm not accepting work for any reason, I will disable the order form. There's no need to contact me to ask if I'm available. You can check my current workload and planned vacation times on my calendar. I'm almost always available for documents under 8000 words.

The telephone number and an email address are available on the terms of service page and the site home page.

Don't ask me how much your job will cost: Use the Instant Estimate form to calculate the price for any order. I only charge for the editing time, so please don't make me spend time corresponding over a $25 job. If it's your thesis, then I'm willing to spend more time ensuring that I'm the right person for the job.

Please submit all materials for proofreading through the appropriate form, even if you have used my service before. The forms are designed to give me the needed information to serve you well, and we have a clear contract for service and deadline. Also, it guarantees that your order won't end up in spam, and it automatically creates a to-do in my reminder app.

Use this form only if you have a question that can't be answered in any other way and you don't have a document to submit immediately. I'm usually available 7 days a week for editing unless I'm planning a vacation. I put notices of my vacation dates on the submission pages and on the calendar as early as possible. In the rare event that I can't do a job submitted to me, I will reply as soon as possible.

Use this form for any general enquiry.

If your deadline is less than 24 hours, but more than 20 hours, go ahead and choose 24 hour service, but let me know the exact time due in the comments field. Take into account time zone differences.

I can always make 12-hour deadlines, but if your deadline is less than 12 hours, contact me. Depending on the timeframe, additional costs may be required.

For all other inquiries, please include information about type of document, length, and level of service so I can give you a firm answer.