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Canadian academic essays are written with a unique blend of British and U.S. rules. For the best marks, you need them to be grammatically correct and follow a precise format. is dedicated to bringing your essays to the highest Canadian academic standards. Operated by , B.A., B.Ed., a professional editor for over 30 years, its primary focus is academic editing.

We serve international clients, too! On the order form, you can select Canadian, US, or UK English. The difference is more than spelling. Quotation marks, dashes, and punctuation all vary depending on which version of English you are writing in. is a small business focused on the needs of our select clients. You are an important and unique client to iProof, and we will work with you to ensure your essay, thesis or journal article is edited to the highest professional standards. Our small size means you are a big client to us. Get an instant proofreading estimate when you enter the length of your essay.

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Our essay editing price is only 2.5 cents per word for undergraduate essays and 2.75 cents per word for graduate-level essays. 2023 Canadian Proofreading Prices. Essay editing includes all copyediting related to style, logic, syntax and wording. We can ensure your essay is correctly formatted and your words make sense. We work on transitions and logic. Unlike many other services, we do not charge extra if you use English as a second language. Request a 300 word sample edit when you order our essay editing service so you can check out our work before you pay. Order Essay Editing