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Our best quality editing service for all non-academic documents including professional documents, business reports, business letters, proposals, consultant's reports, and resumes.3 cents per word

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Business Document Editing Order Form

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PART 1: Service Details

Business Service Fix everything: format, style, wording, professionalism.

This is our best quality service for business and personal (non-academic) documents.

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Business Service

Up to 300 words: $10.00
Over 300 words:
3 cents per word
Over 2000 words and 48 hour return 10% off
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  • Correct all grammar and punctuation;
  • Edit for sense;
  • Edit for flow and logic and revise where improvements can be made;
  • Edit paragraph transitions and revise where improvements can be made;
  • Edited for length on request; surcharge added if document to be reduced by more than 10% of original length.
  • Make any other changes to improve overall quality of document
  • 24 hour return is standard;
  • One re-edit upon request.

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PART 2: Project Details

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