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Order PROOFREADING: 2 cents per word

Proofreading for all types of documents with relatively minor errors. Now including reference proofreading, but not formatting.

Important Notices

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Proofreading Order Form

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For the same service charged in US dollars, through HGPublishing.com

PART 1: Service Details

Basic Service Only 2 cents per word (approx $4.75 per page) Minimum $25.00. Formatting references is NOT included. If your word count includes references, we will check for spelling only. Choose editing service if you want your reference page formatting checked and corrected.

Choose this service if all you need is minor errors corrected.

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  • Correct all grammar, punctuation, and word use;
  • Edit for sense;
  • 24 hour return;
  • Writing must be at, or above, the level of an average native speaker.
  • Does not include editing for length. Please choose advanced service if you need the editing service to change the length of the document.
  • Does not include editing format.

PART 2: Project Details

(New clients only)
The calculated deadline is based on 24 hours per 8000 words. Enter any special requests in the comments field.
Note: Rush Service:
12 hour service is available for Advanced Editing and Business Editing services only.
Other Options
Check if you wish us to return a second copy with all changes accepted and tracking turned off. ($5)

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