APA Essay Editing

When you are assigned to write an essay in APA format, the instructor generally means two things: 1. That you use the (author, date) system for referencing, and 2. The reference page(s) is set up according to APA style.

All styles require you to write using double spaced lines with an indent at the beginning of each paragraph.

We edit and proofread Canadian university essays. Our price is based on the length. Basic proofreading is 2 cents per word and advanced editing, including editing for length, is priced at 2.5 cents per word. Our goal is to help you to write better, so we use Track Changes to show you all the corrections we made. You can also request a short comment on ways to improve your essay writing.

How to write an APA essay

The APA style was designed for thesis-level documents and professional publications. As an undergraduate, you are using a simplified version. There is no need for an abstract (unless required by your professor). Here's a template for an APA essay. You should learn how to insert running headers and page numbers. Start by setting your paragraph formatting to double spaced with 0.5 inch indent on first line. Do not put extra spaces between paragraphs.

In an APA essay, choose your sources wisely

Writing in APA style means you are letting the reader know where you got your facts from. You cite your textbook the same as any other book. There are specific rules for coursenotes and class lectures as well as anything that is not accessible to the general public. Since you are being asked to do research, you should be looking for reputable sources. That means don't choose the first thing that pops up on Google. Whatever the topic, someone has done some deep research and published reliable information on it. Look for information in peer-reviewed journal articles. If you were writing on World War 2, you could find scholarly articles on almost any topic, but you would only use the New York Times if you were citing an article from 1942.

APA essays do not use a subtitle "Introduction." Above the beginning of the text (your introduction paragraph) you repeat the essay title. In each paragraph of the essay, you should be introducing some new information (with citations) and then discussing the information. If the essay is more than five pages, you can use separate headings to organize the sections.

Remember, when you put in your citation in brackets, the citation is part of the sentence, so the period comes after the citation. However, any quotation marks for quoted material comes before the citation. Like this: "...quote, quote, quote" (source, year).

Proofreading APA essays

After you have written your essay, if you feel like you need some help, that's when you can consider hiring an editor. Most universities have a writing center or help center to assist you in your writing. These are free, so use them. If you are still struggling, consider hiring an editor to polish your final copy. Although many people (including university officials!) frown on hiring an editor, consider that it's a way to even the playing field for people who don't have a mom/sibling/friend to look over their essay and help them to polish it. I grew up with two parents helping me to master standard English, and I'd like to pass that advantage along to people who may be using English as a second language or who are the first in their family to go to university.

Go ahead and write your APA essay

Learning to write an academic essay is an essential part of your education. Don't hire someone to write your essay for you! Be genuine and do your own work. Take a deep breath, write your best, and if you are worried, hire an editor to make sure your work is as polished as possible. Good luck.

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