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All Documents are Handled Confidentially

We respect your intellectual property

Your writing, whether academic, business or personal remains your confidential intellectual property when submitted for editing services. We will never re-sell, excerpt, or share any portion of your work. We will only perform the services as contracted, return the document to you and delete it from our system after 30 days. (The 30 day retention is a courtesy to you, since you can us to send you a new copy if needed.) Meanwhile, storage is on our private system, not accessible to anyone else.

We respect your confidential information

Students are often requested to write personal essays that reflect on their life experiences. We treat the contents of your essays as confidential material, and we respect your privacy. In addition, we are called upon to edit letters of appeal for grades, for re-admission, or other types of confidential correspondence. We proofread job applications and resumes. We will never share your private information with anyone.

Academic Editing and Plagiarism

We do not use any plagiarism detection service; therefore, we do not offer any plagiarism check beyond your appropriate use of references. Submitting your work to a plagiarism detection service would invoke circumstances beyond our control: we could not guarantee that they would not add your work to their database, nor would we be able to ensure their security. Therefore we do not offer a plagiarism detection service.