PROOFREADING: 1.75 cents per word

Proofreading for all types of documents with relatively minor errors.

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PART 1: Service Details

Basic Service Only 1.75 cents per word (approx $4.35 per page) Minimum $20.00

Choose this service if all you need is minor errors corrected.

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  • Correct all grammar, punctuation, and word use;
  • Edit for sense;
  • 24 hour return;
  • Writing must be at, or above, the level of an average native speaker.
  • Does not include essay references. Please choose advanced services for editing of reference style.
  • Does not include editing for length. Please choose advanced service if you need the editing service to change the length of the document.
  • Does not include editing format.

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PART 2: Project Details

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The calculated deadline is based on 24 hours per 6000 words. Enter any special requests in the comments field.
Note: Rush Service:
12 hour service is available for Advanced Editing and Business Editing services only.

PART 3: Your Details

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Instead of uploading a file, I will send a link to a Google Drive or DropBox document with permission to edit.
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Files to be edited must be in .doc, or.docx format only.


Payments made through PayPal's secure site will appear on your credit card as Editing. You don't need a PayPal account.

Payments can also be made through direct email from your bank account. Request an invoice for details.

Note: Documents will be returned with edits showing in Track Changes. Read this blog post if you don't know how to accept changes.